Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Curb Shitter

I have a question: Why the curb? I mean if I'm ever in the position where I need to publicly shit downtown you can be sure that I will find the most secluded and out of the way location to do so. And yes, I will take a picture of it, but come on: the curb? Half on/half off? Was it done in spite? Too lazy to relocate? Creative inspiration? Why. The. Curb.

At any rate, let's take a good look at these photos please. Go ahead and click 'em already. Please note the lovely waterfall effect down the front of the curb and the not-so-mysterious streak smear thing at the top. Nice pinch, bro.

As you've come to expect from the submissions here this one is completely disgusting in terms of both coloration and consistency. My expertise is steering me toward Cocoa Pebbles and meth but one could argue meth and a couple fluffer nutters, perhaps.

We also owe this submission to Malisams who claims to have contracted pink eye just from looking at it in person. Truly, she is awesome and we are in her debt.


  1. not even this beauty could ruin my icy cold inca kola.

  2. just found this blog..on the verge of barfing but laughing!