Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas just changes everything, doesn't it?

Another user submission! Yes! Thanks Mutz/Malisams and everyone else who informed me about it.

Have you ever seen such jolly vomit? What do y'all think this is made up of? I have some guesses and they all contain cranberries, but I'm really, really, trying to work in the phrase 'too much Christmas Blood Loaf' but sadly I just can't.

When one co-worker asked about the feathers, another who witnessed it first hand replied, "the pigeons were eating it". I saw the physical wave of illness pass over his face and it was then that fully realized what I'm doing with this blog is right.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Frozen Blood Puke

I love my co-workers. Annie tipped me off to 'two pukes outside of the Fox and Hounds' so I hurried over, got a quick couple of shots off and bam! Here we are again. Disgusted, confused, perhaps fascinated.

I asked ChrisA which shot I should use and was instead told, "You have a strange hobby". Clearly, he was trying to tell me "use them both".

See? I listen.

It's Frozen, Folks

Awesome. Another user submission! Thanks, Paul!

So what do we have here? We're currently in a pretty killer cold snap in Portland and it hasn't been above freezing in days. This, clearly, made it easier for our photographer to snap this photo for me. But, and my dear readers will have undoubtedly noticed already, he clearly didn't get as close and yours truly would have.

But! We have our first frozen entry! Or entries, assuming that's pee.

A few minutes earlier and we could have had a steam. Alas.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Shit Sack is a Global Phenomenon

No, I'm not naive enough to think that only Portland residents in the Old Town District were partial to defecation in plastic bags and leaving the results in plain view for everyone, but I have to admit I was surprised and delighted to get an international version of this phenomenon by user submission today. From Argentina!

It made my day. Thanks, N!

In this stunning example we have a particularly hi res sample of the Ol' Classic Shit Sack in a curious aquatic form. The surrounding flower petals are a nice contrasting touch and another interesting detail I'm loathe to let you miss is the condensation on the inside of the bag. Rad.

Go ahead, click to hi res that bad boy.