Monday, February 8, 2010

A Steady Diet of Dinty Moore Stew and Heroin

I don't know how many more entries I'll do with the subject matter of shit but, seriously, what am I supposed to do when they find me? Ignore them? I can't. I owe you to report the disgusting and I can't show a blatant partiality to vomit or I'll be labeled as an anti-fecalist.

Interesting sidenote: as I was gathering my strength to get close enough to take this picture a couple of guys were walking by with pizza slices unaware of the evil that lurked in the stoop mere feet from them.

Me: "hey guys, check that out."
Guy #1: "DUDE. What the ****, dude."
Guy #2: "...did you do that?"

Everyone is a comedian.

Go ahead and click for the hi res version. I know you will.

I know it.

See? I win.

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